2022 Entertainment Line Up

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Mr Man

Mr Man has been bringing the Kids Day Out Variety Show to family's across NZ for many years. Each year he strives hard to bring an amazing mind-blowing mix of talent from across New Zealand and around the world and each year is a new lineup.We can't wait to see what in store for the next show.

Steve Wilbuty Magician1

Magician - Steve Wilbury

Steve Wilbury is an international award winning entertainer with over 20 years experience across 3 continents.  From village fete days to high class corporate events and even performances for the queen.  


Steve is widely recognized as one of the most innovative manipulation magicians in the country and was even awarded "best manipulation act" by the NZ Magic Association.  As well as knuckle busting sleight of hand, Steve brings his own twist to classical magic routines.  He infuses them with his signature enthusiasm and charm to create engaging routines that will make your jaw drop in wonder.


Acrobat Nicole1

Circus Artist & Acrobat - Nicole

Nicole is a multidisciplinary circus artist incorporating ground skills and aerial acrobatics into original works. 


Nicole has performed in a wide variety of shows over New Zealand and Australia, from a traditional big top circus and producing a sailing circus show to burlesque and roving entertainment.


As a chronic overachiever since birth, she wants to learn it all. This makes her a well rounded performer with expertise in many disciplines, both aerial and ground based, and the ability to translate skills across them all. 


Nicole is based in Wellington, New Zealand and currently resides with an excessive amount of houseplants.

Kozo Kaos - Circus Stunts and Juggler

Circus Stunts and NZ's Fastest Juggler - Kozo Kaos

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Kozo Kaos is a Juggler, Magician, and Circus Stunt Performer.

Kaos is best known for his highly skilled juggling with the title of 'New Zealand's Fastest Juggler' and is constantly touring around the world making appearances at Big Top Circus Shows, Festivals, Functions and Corporate Events.


Kaos has been thrilling audiences all over New Zealand and internationally for the past 10 years with his signature blend of comedy, danger and Rock n Roll

Rama Tapp1

Juggling and Chinese Pole - Rama Tapp

Rama is a Wellington based, New Zealand circus performer. 

Specialising in juggling and Chinese Pole, his performances deliver suspense and dynamic energy to the stage. Rama has performed in Circus Aotearoa 2020/2021 tour's, Kids Day Out Variety tour 2020, Circulation 2020 and performed in the regional competition Oceania 2020



Variety Entertainer - Zaktakular

Zaktakular is a variety entertainer known for his diverse range of skills and his loud, friendly persona. From Auckland to Berlin, he has brought smiles to faces in festivals, on stage and on television. 


His career highlights vary from grandiose appearances on Germanys 'Das Super Talent' and 'World of Wearable Arts' to the more kitsch and quaint such as Fuse circus' 'Campground Chaos' and drive in cabarets during the Covid pandemic.


As a creator, Zaktakular has put together many acts and contributed to a wide range of shows including a few of his own. His one man show 'The Circus Spectakular' has been performed in over 50 festivals worldwide


Since beginning his career as a fire performer in 2007, Zaktakular has gone on to claim international awards and acclaim for his head first approach to circus and showmanship.