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About Us

Kids Day Out Variety Show has been coming to over 23 towns/cities throughout New Zealand for more than ten years. This annual event was established to provide children with special needs or children due to circumstances outside of their control may require some additional focus and support for a period of time, and their families with an opportunity to participate in a LIVE Variety Show performance. This is something that appears to happen less and less in the age of technology,so through the Kids Day Out Variety Show the families get to sit down and take in the amazing performances.  

We strive each year to bring national  and also international entertainers into the community. We present acts that cater for children 5-15 years old and always add in something a little bit more for those that are young at heart. Many of our Acts over the years are well recognised through their work in TV or live performances in other shows.

These events are focused on creating a safe and fun environment for the children to relax and enjoy just being a kid, even if it is for only a brief moment, enabling them to forget about other things they may be dealing with. In addition to the Variety Show performance we are lucky that so many businesses get behind us providing free merchandise that adds more to the event as some of the children will go home with something given to them specially by one of the entertainers.

We are always out there scouting for new entertainers and acts each year to ensure we bring the best line-up to each Kids Day Out Variety Show we present.

Kids Day Out Variety Show proudly also supports @Heart New Zealand through our events. This is a fantastic organisation working with families and children born with heart defects in all the communities/regions the Kids Day Out Variety Show goes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The information below answers the most frequently asked questions about the show.  If you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us using the contact form on this website. 

How are kids/caregivers selected?

When we have the tickets ready to allocate, our dedicated team contact numerous organisations and Schools throughout the region that the Kids Day Out Variety Show will be taking place in. We ask those that work with the children on a daily/weekly basis to select children and families that they feel will benefit from this fantastic event. Children are selected from four main categories:  Physical Disability,   Mental Disability,   Health issues, and children that may be in an environment or have been removed from an environment that has been deemed to be unsafe.

Many of the children on the face of it may not look like what some would deem 'special needs', but are involved with community based organisations that care for children who are disabled or who have special needs. In some cases we do have Schools that purchase tickets for the event. These tickets are then used by the School as rewards/prizes for their 'in class' competitions.

Are you able to film/take photos at the event?

You are welcome to take pictures of your group in the main entrance of the event, but we do ask you not to film or photograph the actual show.  Many of the acts require 100% focus and can become very dangerous if flashes and lights are going off.  Also please be sensitive to those attending, as many of the families do not wish to be identified at the show.

Can you get tickets to the Show?

If you are affiliated to a group/organisation detailed in the 'How are kids/caregivers selected? section, then the answer is yes, however seats for the shows are limited so you may find that you may miss out due to this.  We suggest you fill out the 'Request more tickets' form, and at least this way you will register for the next year’s show.

How is the event funded?

We are very lucky that businesses in each community that the Kids Day Out Variety Show goes to get behind the show each year providing much needed support through donations and merchandise. This helps to ensure the event comes to your region/city each year. If you receive tickets which have a business card attached to them, please take the time to write a letter of thanks to that business, because without them, the Kids Day Out Variety Show wouldn't happen.  

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