Thursday, September 24, 2020

Donors Required

Each year prior to the event our promotional team contact businesses in each region the Kids Day Out Variety Show goes to. We ask businesses and caring people to assist us with making this event something special for the children/caregivers in the community that are either special needs or disadvantaged.

These events only take place due to the businesses and individuals getting on board and donating either the tickets for the kids/caregivers to get along to the show,or choosing an advertising package as set out below. If you haven’t heard from our promotional team but would like to assist, please fill in the want to donate form.  The unique thing with your donation is that every ticket ($50) your business purchases will go to a child and/or caregiver actually in your community/region.

Below are the various regional advertising packages, if these packages do not suit your business or you wish to discuss becoming a national donor for all 23 shows then please contact us and we maybe able to tailor an advertising package that suits your business. If you do not wish to purchase an advertising package you are welcome to support by purchasing as many tickets to the Kids Day Out Variety Show that you want to donate at $50 per ticket.

Advertising Package Information

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