Friday, September 25, 2020

About the Show

For years we have showcased the amazing talents from New Zealand and afar and this year is no different.

The show is put on with circus and cabaret entertainers to bring to you a unique assortment of amazing acts all jam packed into just about 90 minutes of enthralling entertainment.  

Our Mission

Each year we strive hard to ensure our hand picked and specially chosen audience enjoy the show.

We source our entertainment from around the globe to create the spectacle that is. A once in a life time, jaw dropping experience.

This is a show not to be missed!

Mr Man

Your MC for the Show

If you haven't been to one of his shows, don't wait any longer. 

Mr Man brings a unique line up to the stage with something for everyone.

An amazing show. Difference every year.



Circus Performer

Rama is a Wellington based, New Zealand Circus performer.

Specialising in juggling and Chinese Pole, his performances deliver suspense and dynamic energy to the stage.

Rama's previous performances include 'The Menagerie' and sawdust at the Hannah Playhouse, NZ Juggling and Circus festival and most recently Circus Aotearoa's 2020 tour.

Paul Klaass

Comic Juggler

Paul Klaas is a multi-award winning comic and juggler from New Zealand. His shows incorporate world Klaass juggling skills, stand-up comedy, skit comedy, charming and unique audience interactions, and a touch of danger. He is also an expert juggling tutor, with lessons suitable for young and old, novice to expert.

In 2013 Paul won the award for New Zealand's Best Overall Circus Act with his duo act The Blingling Bros. He has since gone on to win numerous juggling, theatre and entertainment awards and nominations, making him one of New Zealand's most decorated circus performers.

While having a thriving career in New Zealand for the last 18 years, Paul has also performed in Japan, Greece, England, France, Canada and Australia. Paul performs in music and busking festivals, corporate events, theatres, malls, resorts, casinos and theme parks. With multiple shows good to go, Paul Klaass is ready to rock the crowd.

Ashleigh Downing

Circus Performer

Ashleigh is a passionate and experienced Circus Artist who grew up with a background in dance. Ashleigh is a graduate of the Whitireia Circus course, where she received her Bachelor in Performing Arts with a specialization in circus. In 2019 Ashleigh went on tour with Circus Aotearoa where she performed Tight Wire, Trio Adagio and a group acrobatic Toss the Girl Act. Ashleigh works to combine her dance background with her circus skills to create her acts. 

Steve Wilbury

Genre Defying Entertainer

Steve Wilbury is a genre defying entertainer with a 15 year history of performing the weird and the wonderful. Combining magic, manipulation and audience participation his shows have wowed audiences on 4 continents. Steve loves to present magic that is fun and exciting with a dash of danger and a whiff of fart jokes.

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